10 Secrets of Makeup Artists – Part Two

In part two of our series showcasing 10 tips that the worlds leading makeup artists have revealed, we’ll be going into detail on even more of the tricks that you can use to achieve a radiant and beautiful look.

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Use foundation to sculpt the face


If you want to use your makeup to make your features seem more pronounced or defined, then you can use foundation to help you do this. The secret is to use foundation in two subtly different shades for different parts of your face. It’s best to use a lighter shade of foundation around the centre of the face and on top of your cheekbones, but then a slightly darker shade around the neckline and hairline. Using this darker shade under the cheekbones can also make them stand out more.

How to highlight the skin with makeup

This is another top tip straight from the makeup artists that work on some of the most famous faces in the world. To highlight the skin, use a cream concealer that is two to three shades lighter than your skin tone, and then apply this to the areas of your face where the light will hit. You can also add highlighting powder to your cheekbones and brow bone to give your skin that extra luminous glow that is really going to make you look stunning and radiant.

Always exfoliate before applying fake tan

Exfoliation is so important because it will remove any dead skin cells leaving you with a smooth, even skin surface which will help you achieve an even bronzed tan colour. But be wary of using exfoliators that contain oil. While they are great for locking moisture into the skin, they are not ideal for tanning because they can act as a film on the skin.

Check out our selection of tanning products to help you find the perfect colour, or better still read our blog “Which Shade are you?” .


Water works for fake tanning

It’s always best to shower before applying fake tan, especially if you are able to apply your tan yourself at home. And, you might not like this, but quickly blasting the skin with cold water can help you achieve even better tan results. Cold water will shrink your pores, and reduce the chance of them getting blocked. Trust us, your skin will thank you for a cold shower before applying tan.

LW Tan

Make your lips seem even fuller

Did you know that if you have a colourless lip balm with shimmer, it can make your lips seem even thicker and fuller than they already are? It’s so simple, but so effective, and that’s why it’s one of our favourite tips. Apply the colourless lip balm to your cupid’s bow (that’s the area below your nose and between the peaks of your top lip), and it will reflect the light more effectively, making your lips appear fuller and even more gorgeous.

Look great with Lauren’s Way

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We’ve hope you’ve found these past couple of posts useful and that our top ten secrets from leading makeup artists that will help you achieve an even more beautiful look. Remember that at Lauren’s Way we can provide you with some of the tools you’ll need to bring these tips to life, so please enjoy browsing through our selection.

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