5 Celebrities Who Look Gorgeous With Extensions


Extensions are womankind’s best kept secret. Applied correctly, no one knows that half of your super volumous, beautiful glossy hair is clip-in! There are so many advantages to wearing hair extensions – you get instant long, luscious hair with no effort, you instantly revive damaged-looking hair, and you don’t have to worry so much about washing and styling your hair. Extensions add volume and body to hair instantly without any need to hairspray or backcomb, so it’s no wonder celebrities love hair extensions!

We sell celebrity clip in hair extensions at LW and we wanted to show some of the most gorgeous celebrities who make the most of extensions, just to give an idea of the results you could achieve:

Cheryl Cole

Cheryl had bobbed hair not so long ago, but when she wanted glamorous length again she bought some hair extensions to save waiting years for her hair to grow back – that’s another one of the great things about extensions; if you have long hair but you want to experiment with a shorter cut for a while, go ahead and do it but buy a set or two of clip in extensions so you can return to long hair whenever you wish.



Ciara uses extensions to experiment with hair colour. If you’d like to try a dip-dye colour but you don’t want to commit or damage your hair, purchase some extensions to dye instead. These add instant colour to your hair but your real hair won’t be damaged. You can even experiment with really bright colours like pink and blue for festivals and holidays without having to worry about washing it all out when you get back to work.


Beyonce has experimented with a whole host of different hair styles through her career but there’s no doubt she looks her most glamorous when she has long, sleek hair. Another great thing about extensions is that you an style them ahead of schedule, rather than before a big event. If you have LW Dreamrollers set your extensions with the rollers and leave them all day whilst you’re at work. When you clip them in later you will have perfectly set bouncy curls and you’ll only need to finish the rest of your hair with a curling iron.

Kim Kardashian


Everything with Kim K is big, from her curvy figure to her larger-than-life family, so her hair is no exception. Kim uses extensions in an extra long length to get this look, which matches her hair colour seamlessly. However, if you get hair extensions in an ever so slightly darker shade than your natural hair they will add an illusion of extra body to your hair.



Rihanna has had bright red hair, blonde, brown and black in a huge range of styles and textures – if she had used all that heat styling and dye on her real hair she’d be dealing with some really damaged locks! Luckily she knows how to use extensions for styling her hair. Extensions can be replaced regularly or you could even purchase multiple sets for multiple colour options. They’re the ultimate versatile hair accessory.

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