5 Cute Hairstyles You Can Wear With Extensions

Big Bun Hairstyle

You have luscious glossy locks and are now ready to see the full potential of your extensions. Whether you have blonde, brunette, red or black hair, using hair extensions can open up a world of possibilities for your hair. So step aside boring ponytail, the LW team are here with their 5 favorite hairstyles you can wear with extensions.

Half up – Half down

This simple style has maximum impact and is the perfect way to show off long voluminous hair. Pinning the top half of the hair back you can highlight volume, coupled with gorgeous curls you get a real sleek professional look. If you are short on time you can keep the bottom half straight and the extensions will provide the length and body to complete this cute look in no time.


Half Crown Braid

This is a super cute look that you can master for everyday glamour. You simply have to section the hair and braid in a small plait to create the headband effect. This is perfect for a lunch date or an afternoon shopping.


Headscarf Roll

If you are running late or are having a lazy morning, this is the perfect hairstyle. It looks super cute and can be very quick to do. Tie a scarf around your head, secure in place and then roll your hair around the band to create this amazing updo. You can use your favourite scarf or jewelled headband to create the perfect accessory to your outfit. Celebrities have been spotted everywhere with this stylish hairstyle.


Waterfall braid

Braids of all varieties are bang on trend this year and at LW we can get enough this beautiful waterfall braid. Simply beautiful and a perfect style for hair with extensions. There are so many online tutorials to learn how to do this braid and once you have the hang of it, you can be wowing everyone in no time.

Here is a great pic to show you how it is done:


Big Bun

The bigger the bun the better we think and you can create a polished look that will last all day. Easy to maintain and you can enjoy this hairstyle with pretty much any outfit. You could try this straight forward fun bun. At LW we love adding hair accessories like a big bow for extra cute factor.


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