Dream Rollers Tutorial

Dream Roller + Carry Case

At LW HQ we love to have big, bouncy and beautiful hair to flaunt and the best way for that is of course to use our LW Dream Rollers! We are going to show you how to apply our Dream Rollers to achieve the fantastic curls with added volume to make your hair take centre stage!

Our Dream Rollers come in packs of 20 – which would be enough to complete a full head of hair, however if you have extremely thick hair or a lot of it than you may need to buy another pack.


1. Section your hair starting from the top.

2. Before rolling, if you want your gorgeous curls to last longer, apply heat on the section of hair. This can be by blow-drying or using tongs on the section you will be applying the roller to.

3. Place the Dream Roller at the end of your hair, rolling towards the scalp until you reach your head. Secure with hair grips if needed.

photo (174)`

4. Continue this method until all hair is successfully rolled.

5. To finish apply hairspray to keep the curls in place.

DSC01132 (2)

6. Leave the Dream Rollers in to create luscious curls. Apply them in the morning and remove before your night out for big volumised hair. Our LW Dream Rollers flatten under pressure, making them so comfortable you can sleep in them.

7. To remove your Dream Rollers, work from the bottom to the top of your head.

8. Once unrolled, apply more hairspray to help the curls set and see your perfect curls before your eyes!


Watch the tutorial video below:

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