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Looking and feeling amazing on your first day back at school will help you kick the year off the right way. The most important thing to keep in mind is that if you want to look amazing on your first day, then you have to feel amazing on the inside, too.

It’s important to embrace your natural beauty but it depends on your individual style so stick to whatever makes you feel comfortable. With just a bit of preparation, and a little help from your very own LW beauty guru you’ll be well on your way to getting the look you want.

We also know that looking good = Feeling good




If you didn’t make it abroad this year and want to blend in with a class full of tanned hotties you can cheat your way to a sunkissed glow with our GRADUAL TAN. This nourishing formula builds a healthy golden glow, subtly throughout the week. A total must have this September. The best part is that while all of their natural tans fade you will keep glowing through to autumn and your skin will be totally moisturised.





If you’re a girl who is used to wearing makeup or who is ready to start, then you can apply some light tinted moisturiser or cover-up for blemishes, keeping it soft and subtle, allowing you to focus on the rest of your features.




If you like to wear falsies to school and don’t want to get escorted to the bathroom to remove them try our LW DAYTIME DAZZLE LASHES 

They are lightweight, thin and the subtle design will accentuate your eyes without the extreme look and feeling that you have tried too hard. Make sure they are super natural by sticking to a light coating of mascara gals!




Don’t be too lippy.

Lips are a big tell tale sign for teachers that you are wearing makeup so they should look fresh, plump and most of all NATURAL. If you are a lippy gal then You can achieve this look with our amazing

PUMP AND POUT in colour NUDE OR CLEAR shade £15.95

Our amazing formula has a tingling effect which acts as a lip plumper giving you the illusion of fuller luscious lips, complimented with a light glossy sheen you can never go wrong  just be sure to keep it in your bag for touch ups!




While you’re gearing up your closet for the new academic year, don’t forget to revamp your hairstyle, too! (because no one wants to show up on the first day of class with the same look they had the year before). Having a range of easy styles in your repertoire means you’ll always look super cool – even on those dreaded mornings when you oversleep.

Why not go for a straight outta bed natural style by adding in our LW Clip on extensions now with even more thickness, they are 100 % real & triple wefted.

Our Easy to clip in/out feature literally allows you to do just that!

Try colour AMAZING BROWN only £120.00 Perfect, going into the Autumn season.




So no matter what the academic year throw’s at you,  you are looking school fresh with our help.


And don’t forget guys




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