How to Remove Fake Tan?

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Fake tan products are very useful to improve the colour of our skin by using skin friendly products that make the skin look darker and natural at the same time. In our pursuit we may come across many top of the shelf gels creams, sprays and lotions all reassuring us about the same fantastic results and characteristics:

  • easy to apply;
  • gorgeous colour and a perfect and smooth tan;
perfect smooth fake tan

perfect smooth fake tan


  • short drying time;
  • lasting up to a week on your skin;
  • improving the quality of your skin;

The greatest challenge in using fake tan products is finding the one that suits your body best and applying correctly onto your skin. Consequently, before going home or to a specialized tanning salon and start applying them on our skin, you should know that even if you buy high quality products chances are that you may not be satisfied with the final result, so be prepared!

Albeit it has not always been the case, every person who has been frequently using fake tan products has had at least one unfortunate experience and had to remove it.

Hence, before using this kind of products be sure you know,

How to remove fake tan products and have everything at hand

For the big and obvious mistakes:

  • For darker areas along the legs, face, or your back baby oil can do the trick. Just spread some over these too dark areas and leave it to rest. After a half an hour, scrubs it gently until you reach the desired colour.
  • Never forget to wear gloves when you are using these products at home. However, if you forget and your hands are all orange apply baby oil and wear a pair of old gloves for a couple of hours. They will do the scrubbing for you.
  • When purchasing the tanning product, make sure to buy a tan remover product just in case.

For the smaller unwanted flaws of your new tan, rub a slice of lemon on the area until the problem is solved. So, enjoy the results of the high-quality products you can find on the market.

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  • Reply March 23, 2015

    Lora Ext

    Exfoliator and water are your best friends. Thank you for detailed tips on how to use exfoliator and water to lighten your tan. I loved it. xx

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