We’re already sold on the amazing benefits of fake tan – somehow a touch of colour to your skin effortlessly covers all those lumps and bumps, evening out skin tone for a sexy finish.

But contouring with fake tan takes it to a whole new level.

With some clever shading and contouring, you can use LW FAKE TAN to highlight your best features and add definition and tone when you need it the most!

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If you’re anything like us & scratching your head at the term “contouring”, It’s a very clever trick that celebrity makeup artists have been using which involves the use of two different shades of concealer to define or create your dream bone structure.  With a combination of concealing and blending, contouring can help highlight your best features and recess your worst ones.

This technique helps make your nose appear smaller or straighter, your cheekbones look higher and more defined, and it can even aid in accentuating or softening your jawline.

So us gals at LW want to show you a ‘how to’ contour with our amazing LW tanning products:












T Contouring is all about adding another dimension so it is important to have an all over base tan before contouring.

The day before apply a few pumps of our nourishing TAN ENHANCING MOISTURISER £11.95 providing you with a fresh, dewy face to start with.

Then using a developing self-tan product, We would recommend using our Lauren’s Way Gradual Tan £13.95  – Apply this tan in the evening using our Lauren’s Way Tanning Mitt £3.99  Start blending the tan in small circular motions all over the face, leaving to develop overnight – This is a great base colour giving you a gentle glow to start the contouring process with!


  a base  layer of your favourite foundation to give yourself an even canvas. Choose a shade that perfectly matches your skin tone.


Your highlight colour should be two shades lighter than your natural skin colour, But your contouring colour should be two shades darker than your skin tone.



For highlighting We love Anastasia Beverley Hills highlighting kit –

Hitting the key highlighting spots:


under your eyes,

down the bridge of your nose,

between your brows

on the center of your chin.


Step 4: Blend Spritz your makeup sponge with water. Then use the damp sponge to blend in and soften your highlight color. Ready for the contouring!!!



The darker formula is used to accentuate or create definition to your face. THIS IS WHERE WE COME IN :)

Using our fabulous Lauren’s Way Darker Than Dark Lotion £17.95 apply the tan with a make up brush. With our long lasting product, You can literally contour once for a WHOLE WEEK giving you that Kimmy K look without any hassle.

(O) (DTD) Lotion Apply Along your hairline


suck your cheeks in and blend under your cheekbones


along the sides of your nose.


This will give you the depth and shadow and the illusion of more chiselled features.


If you are trying the contouring technique for the first time & you are worried that you may make a contouring boo boo DON’T FEAR –  Swap our Lauren’s Way Darker Thank Dark Lotion to our Lauren’s Way Instant Wash Off Glow £11.95 It’s a more subtle shade that can be removed at the end of the night with your usual make-up remover.


Step 6: Blend part 2

Again, using a damp makeup sponge, blend your contour lines. The finished look should be subtle, natural & seamless.


Step 7: Set Your Look

If your skin is on the dry side, you can skip this step. But if you tend to get oily, finish your look by setting your shading with a translucent powder. We love BareMinerals Mineral Veil!!!








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Once your contouring week has come to an end- it’s time for a good exfoliating session. Us girls at LW LOVEEEEEE St Ives Apricot scrub- It not only removes what’s left of our tan the safe way, it cleanses those little pores









ENJOYYYYYYYY & CONTOUR IT UP WITH LW – Don’t forget to tag us on TWITTER & INSTAGRAM in your Contoured pics using our hashtag #CONTOURLW

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