Planning your perfect wedding day can be both fun and exciting, but it’s easy to get overwhelmed with all the different options out there. With so many amazing wedding hair and Make-up styles to choose from, looking and feeling your best can be one of the most stressful parts of your wedding day.

We have combed the internet for you and found some of the most gorgeous brides who we think have absolutely nailed their wedding day. Thank us later.


                                                                         A BEAUTIFUL TAN

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Nothing compliments a white dress better then a beautiful tan.  However no bride wants to look too dark, or even worse orange on their big day so we recommended you achieve a naturally sunkissed glow with our amazing Medium Mousse £17.95

WHY WE LOVE : using our LW Medium Mousse it gives a professional sun-kissed colour in just one application . Velvety soft in consistency due to the seaweed extract specifically included to offer skin smoothing conditioning and soothing properties. We can also confirm it’s streakfree and with an easy colour guide on application there’s no need to be fearful of patches.

                                                               A BEAUTIFUL BUN 

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 Compliment a low back dress with a soft loose bun,  A few strands framing the face, providing you with the classic, romantic look. Also perfect if you hate having to fuss with your hair. With this effortless style you will have no need to touch up your style, simply enjoy your day and night.   Why not try one of our laurens way BIG BUN  

WHY WE LOVE: The headband has made this look effortlessy chic. You can dress it up with flowers or sparkles, and show off your beautiful make-up and smile on the happiest of days. The best part is our Big Bun is now ONLY £5.00 – The Perfect beauty ‘must have’ on your big day

                                                              BEAUTIFUL MAKEUP

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Compliment smokey eyes with long luscious lashes for your big day. Try our subtle barely there set for a natural dewy look with our DAYTIME DAZZLE LASHES

WHY WE LOVE : Daytime Dazzle add the wow factor to any event adding sophistication to your big day,  reusable and a steal at only £6.95

                                                               BEAUTIFUL HAIR










 If hair up worries you or you simply prefer the confidence long locks gives you then give your hair an extra boost with some discreet clip in extensions. With a selection of different style clips/ Strips you can add as much or as little as you desire. They are lightweight & secure so no need to worry they might fall out whilst your husband’s spinning you round on the dancefloor.

Hair styling is so important on your big day. We are loving this laidback style, So easy to replicate with our new and improved, extra thick  LAURENS WAY CLIP IN EXTENSIONS   in colour AMAZING BROWN Only £120.00

WHY WE LOVE:  The wavy, slightly undone is so Blake lively – It’s been beautifully styled so it looks stunning from all angles and without looking too structured. if you fancy having natural waves on the big day then these loose effortless waves are for you

TOP TIP: Always have tria run’s prior to your big day whether it’s to apply your own hair bun /Make-up or taking your clip in extensions to your local hair salon to work their magic!


We hope this has given you some inspiration for what will be the best day of your life. Once the planning has finished there is only one thing left to do..


                                                                        ENJOY YOURSELF <3






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