Which Shade of Tan Are You?

At LW tan, we think about all our customers! We provide shades for all skin tones – we have got them all! You choose the best bronzed colour for you, apply it and the product will do the rest! Leaving your skin beautiful as promised.

So which shade are you?




MEDIUM: Are you a first time tanner searching for an easy-to-apply natural looking bronzed glow? Are you feeling nervous to tan?  Well be amazed as our Medium tan range is perfect for your skin! It will give you that little boost achieving that natural bronzed glow. With just one application, LW Medium tan range will give you that gentle touch to show off your beautiful tanned skin. No one will ever know that you faked it!!



LW Medium Tan – Client Images – (Click on image to see our Medium Tan range)



DARK: Have you got Medium or an Olive skin tone? The Dark tan range gives you a deep, bronzed colour in just one application. FLAWLESS, SILKY, LUXURIOUS, SEXY, ESSEX – a few words to describe this product. Perfect for parties, as it dries quickly and leaves your skin smooth with a flawless airbrush finish. That ultimate Essex glamour in one bottle. PERFECT!



LW Dark Tan – Client Images – (Click on image to see our Dark Tan range)


DARKER THAN DARK: This one here is for all you lovely experienced tan users. Olive skins to dark skins… Our Darker Than Dark tan is made for you! It’s our darkest tan range which will leave your skin deep, intense and glowing! YOU WILL BE AMAZED!!!  You’ll adore our Darker Than Dark range. Achieve a professional deep bronzed-dark colour in just one application. LOOK glam, FEEL glam.



LW Darker Than Dark Tan – Client Images – (Click on image to see our Darker than Dark Tan range)


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