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A sun kissed tan on your wedding day would really show off your wedding dress & would definitely add that final touch of elegance. It is important to prepare properly and apply the tan correctly in order to achieve a flawless and natural looking glow. And no need to worry with LW TAN, you will be left with no marks on your beautiful gown, if applied correctly.



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Exfoliating before you use our tanning products is key to achieving a flawless tan. Our Body Polish gently exfoliates and removes dead skin cells to give the perfect base for your tan. It will also give you silky smooth skin, leaving you feeling revitalised. Make sure you use our Tan Enhancing Moisturiser to prolong your tan and avoid it clinging to dry areas, such as elbows, hands, knees, ankles and knees.

For that elegant natural look, build a beautiful glow on your big day with our Gradual TanThis is a nourishing body moisturiser with a healthy touch of bronze for fabulous, tanned skin. This enriching lotion gives you smooth, supple skin whilst developing a gradual, golden tan. From a Medium glow to a Dark bronze-over, you can re-apply as often as you like to achieve the shade you desire! It’s great for first time tanners.



Or should you wish for a deeper bronzed glow on your big day opt for our New Rapid Solution 60 Tan, you only need to leave it on for 60 minutes, which is perfect because we appreciate time on the build-up to your day is precious.


Are you considering tanning for your big day and need some advice? Or has your Wedding day been and gone, and want to let us know how you got on with tanning for your big day? We would LOVE to hear from you! Please leave your comments below!

Love LW TAN xxx

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